Seawall Repair

A quicker and more cost-effective approach to Seawall Repair. Gaps and cracks in a seawall can allow soil to wash away leaving voids. Voids compromise the structural integrity and structural damages follows. We are able to repair a seawall with a polyurethane foam and other specialty products designed for this exact issue. Strengthening your wall, stabilizing the soil and extending the life of the wall would be our approach rather than replacing or using improper repair techniques.

Unfortunately, our area isn’t a stranger to the occasional flood and with a flood brings water over seawalls and weakens your wall. Even though the water retreating to where it came from is a good thing, it also takes soil that is crucial to your seawall with it. Erosion is a problem for everyone, especially for your seawall. Don’t wait until your wall shows the effects of this issue, fix it fast with a call to Riverside Concrete Solutions!